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Long Island, Queens, Westchester County, Nassau, Suffolk County,
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Bizarre News-Pooper Scooper TicketsFriday, June 06, 2008 | 3:37 AMThe stories may be strange, but they're true
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Those who don't scoop the poop could be in a pile of trouble. New York State lawmakers have voted to more than double the fine for pet owners who don't clean up after Rover. Fines would climb to 250 bucks, from the current $100 in certain areas.
The change would apply to New York City, its boroughs, and Albany and Yonkers. The Assembly passed the bill yesterday and the state Senate has already approved it. The pooper-scooper measure now goes to Governor David Paterson. We have NY New York pooper
scooper companies in our directory. We have Long Island NY pooper scooper companies in our directory, as well as Westchester. Queens and Manhatten New York have pooper scooper companies in our directory. Many New York dog pet waste poop removal cleaup
clean up pickup pick up disposal service companies are sprouting up in New York city and state. Let us know of any Nassau, Suffolk, or long Island pooper scooper companies, as well as Staten Island.  We want to know who is the oldest and largest long Island New York
pooper scooper company business. Long Island pooper scooper companies provide dog waste poop removal and cleanup. Long Island New York pooper scooper companies provide dog poop cleanup. long island New york consists of Nassua and  Suffolk County.
If you need a pooper scooper service in Long island New York, please consult our directory. Long Island New york might be the best place in the wolrd to start a pooper scooper service.
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Long island Nassau and Suffolk pooper scooper. We have queens and Manhattan pooper scooper too. If you seek pet
dog waste poop feces  removal cleanup pickup and disposal service, hire a long island new York dog waste removal
service. Long island is a very lovely place and pooper scooper companies help keep it that way. They removal dog
waste, and clean dog poop. Canine waste is also cleaned in Nassau and Suffolk.
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